‘Värya’. Fashion film.

Fashion film for Minimil brand featuring a selection of creations from the SS 2014 collection.

Produced by Estudio YOX within YOX LAB platform, in association with the Department of Education, Language Policy and Culture of the Basque Government and the Cristóbal Balenciaga Foundation.

Shot at Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum.
Duration: 2,47 minutes.
Production date: May 2014.

Concept: The film explores creative and conceptual harmonies, linking Minimil creations with the inspiring mastery of Cristóbal Balenciaga: femininity and timelessness, the refined lines of a flawless tailor, all of it translates into an updated elegance of the garments worn by the model, framed within a story and mis en scène inspired by classical film noir and Hitchcock. A tour of the museum dedicated to Cristóbal Balenciaga is the best-case scenario where a surprising element, a blue element -perhaps the echo of the brushstroke of Balenciaga himself- takes the model through different states of mind and ad hoc looks.

Synopsis: Overwhelmed by her circumstances, VÄRYA decides to visit an elegant Museum in order to change her state of mind. A mysterious host is going to help her.

Conceived and directed by: Xabier Martínez-Jauregi.
Fashion designs: Minimil.
Executive production: Yon Martínez-Jauregi.

Camera: Nagore Eceiza.
Lighting: Javier Langara.
Editing and digital effects: Egoitz Aulestia.
Musical track: “Being like this” by Ene! ©Avantroots Records.

Styling: Gabriel Azkoitia.
Model: Laura Pérez-Mallaina.
Make-up: Amaia Ruiz.
Hair-styling: Elvira Agoües.
Jewellery: Agatha, Luxcenter, Marta Fernández.
Shoes: La Palma.

Production assistants: Ana Martínez and Alicia Ibarzabal.

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