‘Tek-Nere’. Fashion film.

Fashion film for Maitane Quinteiro and Angel Amor.

Featuring a selection of garments from the collection ‘Textile armours’ by Maitane Quinteiro together with hats and headdresses specially created by Angel Amor.

Duration: 2,35 minutes.
Production date: May, 2015.

Produced by Estudio YOX within YOX LAB platform, in association with the Department of Education, Language Policy and Culture of the Basque Government and Bilbao Ekintza.

Concept: Tek-Nere wakes up in an unhospitable place. She confronts a role-making fortune machine. She may have to adopt one of them to get back to safety.

The protagonist is shown in a number of recognizable situations and behaviours which come to question the condition of the roles traditionally assigned to women (are these roles real, fictional, are they learnt, repeated, are they chosen, imposed…). It claims for the freedom of women to experiment one, all or none of them.

Conceived and directed by: Xabier Martínez-Jauregi.
Fashion creations: Maitane Quinteiro.
Hats and headdressesAngel Amor.
Jewellery: Marta Fernández.
Executive production: Yon Martínez-Jauregi.

Model: Nerea Olazabal.
Camera: Óscar Oliva.
Musical theme: ‘TeK-Nere‘ by Xabier Peronié.

Editing assistant: Amaia Fernández.
Camera assistant: Andoni Mateo.
Make-up:Sarai de la Torre (Apropos Make-up).
Hairstyling: Elvira Agoües.

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