‘Martin Margiela ’ s Hermès collections’. Exhibition at the MOMU in Antwerp.

The MOMU fashion museum in Antwerp holds the exhibition ‘Martin Margiela’s Hermès collections’. It showcases works made by Margiela for Hermès between 1997 and 2003, and explores the relationship between these and the creations made for his own brand.

The exhibition illustrates the revolutionary role of Margiela in the fashion world. His predilection for the deconstruction, recycling and recovery of materials was unheard of in the industry before him. His conceptual approach to the presentation, sales and communication of his collections has changed the way we think about fashion and its underlying mechanisms, as well as our opinions on craftsmanship, commerce, authorship and innovation.

March 31-August 27, 2017.

Full details on MOMU´S website.

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