‘K-Reflections’. Fashion photography series.

Series made for Andrea Martínez brand. It consists of images featuring a selection of creations from the collection ‘Mount’.


Produced by ESTUDIO YOX within YOX LAB platform in association with the Department of Education, Language Policy and Culture of the Basque Government.

With support from Bilbao Centro, Esther de Tejada and La Biosthetique.

Date of production: October 2015.
Locations: Bilbao -Bilbao Centro, salón Esther de Tejada, Indautxu underground station-.
Concept of the series: based in the different meanings of the term ‘reflection’, the images echoes the subtle game of contrasts that the collection of Andrea Martínez reflects: contemporary-traditional, refined-unfinished, innocent-sexy, glossy-rough, short-large.

Concept and directing: Xabier Martínez-Jauregi.
Fashion creations: Andrea Martínez.
Executive production: Yon Martínez-Jauregi.
Photo shoots: Miriam Prado.
Digital post-production: YOX LAB.
Fashion collaboration: Gabriel Azkoitia.
Model: Kattalin Rodrigo.
Make-up and hair-styling: Esther de Tejada.

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