‘Fashion Films in BFF’. Exhibitive programme.

International fashion film programme screened at Bilbao Fashion & Future, event dedicated to the convergence of fashion and technology. Offered by Bilbao Ekintza of Bilbao Council at Bizkaia Aretoa the 22 January 2015,

Estudio YOX curated ten fashion films made by internationally acclaimed fashion film makers: Luke Gilford, Can Evgin, Ruth Hogben, Antoine Asseraf and René Habermacher, Zach Gold, Dominick Sheldon, Daichi Yasuda, Bart Hess, Marie Schuller ,Sergio Ojeda.


It gathers some of the most innovative and aesthetically advanced fashion films made in the international panorama during the last three years. They are works made by reputed authors in collaboration with prestigious fashion brands.

‘THE WALL’. Dominick Sheldon.

THE WALL. Commissioned and produced for Nowness. Inspired by the movement and interaction of Flippenout [Guinness Record] aerial acrobats with a wall, Sheldon removes them from their ordinary environment and styles them in contemporary mens fashion to create a bold and striking visual performance.
In 2014 the Wall won Sheldon “best young and establish director” at the fashion film festival Milano.

Dominick Sheldon. UK. Director and photographer. After working as director of Photography for Steven Klein Studio, he opened his own studio in New York. He has worked for renowned print publications such as Interview and W.

‘THE FUTURE OF FLESH’. Luke Gilford.

‘THE FUTURE OF FLESH’. A short for Prada. With the collaboration of Jane Fonda.

“I started with the idea of clothing as a second skin. Our clothing covers the surface our bodies, it signifies our identity and status. But a central characteristic of fashion is that it evolves. I think that as body modification accelerates, it will merge with fashion in very interesting ways. In the future, we may shift our hairline back to accommodate virtual reality goggles, or perhaps we’ll elongate our limbs. These decisions may be based on taste and class ideals, or maybe they’ll be quite practical.”

Luke Gilford. USA. Photographer and filmmaker. His photography and films have been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world, such as MOMA in New York and FOAM in Amsterdam. His first film project was directing David Lynch for a short for Dom Perignon. He has also collaborated with Maison Martin Margiela, Angelica Houston and Proenza Schouler. His work has been published in The New York Times, Dazed & Confused, V Magazine and Vogue.

‘CHIARA SKURA’. Antoine Asseraf / René Habermacher.

‘CHIARA SKURA’. Filmed for ‘Chiaroscuro’, the Marios Schwab’s Spring Summer 2012 collection in collaboration with Vogue Italy. It is based in the idea of contrast between light and dark, the theme of the collection. The silhouette is full of contrasts, and so is the woman. The directors look for an eternal character through the role of actress Amy Bailey. Her role may recall women like Film Noir heroines, Mediterranean Neorealist goddesses, and Herb Ritts models. It has been nominated for Best Cinematography at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival.

Antoine Asseraf. France. Creative director and film-maker. He works in advertising and fashion. Graduated in London Central Saint Martin´s, he has also carried out different activities related to creativity: digital artist for Mediartspace; art director at BETC EuroRSCG, fashion film festival producer and curator for ASVOFF and the Hyères Festival.

René Habermacher. Switzerland. As illustrator-turned-photographer, he has worked for publications such as L’Uomo Vogue, Vogue Italia, V Magazine, Love Magazine, Pop Magazine, Vogue Japan, Vogue Germany, Numero Paris, Numero Tokyo and Elle Japan and clients including Christian Dior, Bulgari, Chaumet, L´Oréal, Thierry Mugler. He has been engaged in various collaborations with Pat Mc Grath and Marina Abramovic.

‘AUTOEROTIC’. Can Evgin.

‘AUTOEROTIC’. A beautiful, restricted and groomed woman dances ecstatically in an elegant weave with a serpent. Every day, for a brief moment, this beautiful woman permits herself, whether by her own consciousness or by the nature of her being, to indulge in the sensuality of life, and embrace a moment of awakening by shedding herself from reality into an autoerotic fantasy.

Can Evgin. UK. Director and photographer. His work has been commissioned by clients including Giorgio and Emporio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Rag & Bone, NOWNESS, Bon, Dansk, Garage, Vogue UK and Germany, Dazed & Confused, Purple and AnOther.

A selection of his films screened at Venice International Short Film Festival in 2012 at Centre Pompidou Paris on October 2013 and 2014.

‘THE NAIL / LEONARD WONG’. Daichi Yasuda.

‘THE NAIL / LEONARD WONG’. A genuine embodiment of the simplest yet most effective design that binds structures together: the nail. The film explores the parallelisms of the nail -that has little changed since the Egyptian civilization- and the minimalistic timeless elegance of Leonard Wong´s fashion creations. The nail is the element that opens a door to the main role of the film revealing her the diverse worlds of Leonard Wong. She transforms.

Daichi Yasuda. Japan. Film director. He started his career as CG artist. His works include, among others, music videos and TV commercials. Influenced by films from all around the world, animation as part of modern culture, and the traditional Japanese feeling of “Wabi-sabi”, his works aesthetics portray a sense of a “New Era Japan”.

‘SPIKE’. Zach Gold.

‘SPIKE’ֹ. The film was commissioned for the ‘Killer Heels’ exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum in 2014. The exhibit featured six artists with Steven Klein and Nick Knight among them. The theme was the high-heel as a ‘fashion statement, fetish object, instrument of power, and outlet of artistic expression for both the designer and the wearer’.

Zach Gold. USA. Artist, photographer, director. Founder and co-curator of Playground, New York, independent collective that explores the experiential relationship between fashion and art. Zach has exhibited in the United States, Russia, France, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Italy, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong. He has collaborated with artists such as David Bowie and Iggy Pop. Among many others, Zach has shot campaigns and directed videos for: Issey Miyake, Nike, Iris Van Herpen, Intel, Motorola, Puma, A.F. Vandevorst.


‘ELECTRIC SIGNATURE’. Made for Tod´s. The film evokes the geometry of the Italian luxury leather label’s iconic circles-and-diamonds pattern, using a pulsing grid of fluorescent lighting and a futuristic neon cityscape. It explores the interplay of light on materia.

Bart Hess. Netherlands. Creative between fashion, design and art. His production pushes the boundaries of the textile design: his designs transcend the craft, extending them via other media such as film, photography and animation. His futuristic materials and textures blur the limit between textile and skin, human and new species. His list of international collaborations and clients include prestigious names such as Vogue (USA), Palais de Tokyo and Centre George Pompidou (Paris), Lady Gaga, Lucy McRae, Nick Knight, Iris Van Herpen, Walter Van Beirendonck.

‘DICE KAYEK-WHITE’. Marie Schuller.

‘DICE KAYEK-WHITE’. A fashion film commissioned by the Istanbul Design Biennale featuring Dice Kayek’s S/S15 couture collection.

Marie Schuller. Germany. Filmmaker based in London specializing in fashion content. Marie has been working for Nick Knight’s award winning fashion film platform SHOWstudio in London since 2010 where she holds the position of Head of Fashion Film. During this collaboration, they have made campaigns for design houses such as Hermes, Marni, Alexander McQueen, Diesel and Armani.

Marie’s directing work has been screened internationally from the Kunsthalle in Vienna to the Centre Pompidou in Paris. She has been awarded multiple awards including ‘Best Director of Fashion’ at ASVOFF 2012.

‘BEYOND THE GLASS’. Ruth Hogben.

‘BEYOND THE GLASS’. Film made in collaboration with ShowStudio. Ruth Hogben’s film explores the feeling of ugliness, drawing on Hitchcock. ‘Beyond The Glass’ stars Saskia de Brauw styled by Robbie Spencer, Fashion Director of Dazed & Confused.

Ruth Hogben. UK. She has worked with the prestigious photographer Nick Knight collaborating on numerous films with SHOWstudio. On her own, Hogben’s work has been published in magazines such as Elle US, LOVE, AnOther, Dazed & Confused, W magazine and The Independent. Ruth has created films and commercials for brands such as Christian Dior Parfums, Fendi, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, Gareth Pugh, Alexander McQueen, and MAC Cosmetics. She has also directed videos for international music artists Lady Gaga and Kanye West.

‘SKULLY TULUM’. Sergio Ojeda.

‘SKULLY TULUM’. Intro/Short Film, opening video for Maya Hansen´s ‘Skully Tulum Spring/Summer Collection 2013’ show at ‘Mercedes Benz Madrid Fashion Week’.

Sergio Ojeda. Spain. Visual artist. Graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University in Madrid. Sergio has put on many individual exhibitions. His work appears in collections including the Contemporary Art Collection of the Madrid Autonomous Community and the Obra Social Cajamadrid collections. He has produced fashion films for different fashion designers [Maya Hansen, Assaad Awad and the actress and designer Rossy de Palma]. He is currently represented by Galería ASM28 in Madrid.

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