A ‘slow fashion’ dress by Tytti Thusberg at Cannes Festival.

A slow fashion creation by Tytti Thusberg worn by Kat Moore was seen at Cannes Festival.

Tytti Thusberg is a finish artist and slow fashion designer. She lives in San Sebastian were she runs her own brand and studio. Her rigorous and inspired work, based in the connections of art and couture and a strong compromise with sustainability, comprises various areas of experience: design, education, theatre and textile recycling projects.

She is currently working as tailoring manager for the costumes of the theatre play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dreamplay’, which, directed by the company Tanttaka, is included within the European Capital of Culture programme held by San Sebastian during 2016.

In Estudio YOX we have had the pleasure to count with her in a number of activities dedicated to arts-fashion connections as part of MID_E [2003-2010], international show of arts and creative practices that we organized: in 2005 she exhibited her works at Arteleku arts centre in San Sebastian. In 2007, she made part of a panel discussion that was held at KM Kulturunea Cultural Centre and together with the fashion designer Ion Fiz, the artist Miguel Ángel Gaüeca and the journalist, critic and curator Mario Canal Boyle

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