‘A singular modernity. "New art" in and around San Sebastian. 1925-1936’. Exhibition at San Telmo Museum.

With this exhibition curated by Peio Agirre, San Telmo Museum would like to make known some of the most famous contributions to avant-garde art carried out in our immediate artistic context, in an era which would be key to the later development of Basque art, the 1930s. By means of this exhibition, San Telmo Museum continues the work of presenting different facets of the history of Basque art with a renewed and contemporary gaze, a task undertaken in this case by Peio Aguirre, art critic and independent curator, who has placed the so-called “new art” in the local, national and international avant-garde, that is, at the very centre of modernity in the arts.

From November 5, 2016 to February 5, 2017.

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